Here’s what people have been saying about world famous Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant and our revolutionarily fresh Tommy’s Ultimate Pure Mixers:


Narsai David - The most well respected and noted
food critic in Northern California says about Tommy’s
Killer Margarita Mix on his on air show on KCBS on
8/1/07 and in a press release…

San Franciscans know Tommy’s Margaritas are the
best, but Narsai says now its famous lime juice mix
is at a store near you. Found at Beverages and
More,Andronico’s, Mollie Stone’s Whole Foods, and
Lundardi’s for $9.99 Narsai goes on to say.. I put
the bottle in the freezer until it gets slushy – wow!
It’s quick and easy!


"Tommy's Margarita Mix has redefined homemade margaritas for me. I love the fresh taste that comes
from its high quality ingredients. Every time I serve
it to friends I get raving compliments and new
converts. Keep mixing up the batches of

Steve Rodriguez, consumer and Tommy's
Blue Agave Club member.


“Unbelievably tasty mix. It's all natural, not like
most processed and shelved products. I wouldn't
buy any other mix."

David Walden, consumer and Tommy’s
Margarita drinker!


“I use Tommy’s for my margaritas, and now have
friends that are hooked and go to BevMo!  for their Tommy’s mix.  Tommy’s Margarita Mix is a favorite
for our San Francisco customers”.

Sandy Shepler
Food & Beverage Buyer


Tommy's is the best margarita mix on the market! 
It is the perfect complement to any tequila and
Mexican food!
Miranda Voinar
Bakery Buyer
Columbus Foods LLC - Distribution Division